GameDev Tearn


Cross-platform mmorpg – launched in 2021

Broken Ranks

Players travelling through vast world with over 300 versatile locations perfect characters and personal fighting skills challenging 400 unique monsters, champions and bosses, completing powerful gear and plunging into epic, non-linear mature story line. Broken Ranks gathers what's best in cRPGs that've been most popular at the turn of the century such as original Fallouts, Baldur's Gate and Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and 3. Along with dark fantasy mature storyline, inspired by harsh Slavic mythology, history and culture, Broken Ranks is an exceptional combination enriched by tactical combat system.

The Game is available on PC and will be available on Android and iOS. Totally renewed using modern 3d engine, already translated into 6 languages stands a chance to become excellent entertainment for young and older players.